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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Public Comment

Gary Edwards wrote:

> comment-form@oasis-open.org wrote:
>>Comment from: office@dshop.morrisoncleary.info
>>Name: Doug Morrison-Cleary
>>Regarding Specification: OpenDocument
>>We need a logo and web banners/buttons to advertise OpenDocument. While I use OOo exclusively, I would like to advertise on my websites (like <hildormen.org>) that most documents are available in OpenDocument format! That way users of KOffice, etc would be encouraged to use OpenDocument also.
>>Think of the marketing. The standard itself should become popular, not just its most well-known user of the standard.
> Hi Doug,
> Thanks for taking the time to comment.  The members of the 
> OpenDocument TC share your concerns and have been discussing the 
> marketing issues.  The OpenDoc TC is however, very concerned about 
> pushing the specification forward technically.  And given our limited 
> resources, there no doubt where our focus must remain.  So what we've 
> recently undertaken is an effort to establish a collaborative dialog 
> with the growing OpenDocument community to jointly address the many 
> marketing issues we all expect to become increasingly important. 
> Last week i posted a message to the OpenOffice.org Marketing Group 
> discussion list outlining some of the concerns that have been 
> discussed by the OpenDoc TC   (list serve: 
> dev@marketing.openoffice.org).  The OOo Marketing Group has been 
> working on OpenDoc logo's and marketing issues for some time now, but 
> these efforts tend to be focused on OpenOffice.org marketing 
> concerns.  As you suggest in your post Doug, OpenDoc would be better 
> served by a highly coordinated marketing effort where "all" interested 
> participants could pool their efforts, and come up with a solid, clear 
> and unwavering message to the marketplace that OpenDocument is ready 
> to take on the important work of collaborative computing.  
> I believe that the OpenOffice.org Marketing Group will rise to the 
> occasion, and take on the diplomatic challenge of reaching out to the 
> many OpenDoc participants, and coordinating with the OpenDocument TC 
> to put in motion the cooperative arbitration of important marketing 
> issues that face our corporate, open source community, business, and 
> organizational partners. 
> These are great challenges Doug.  Please feel free to jump into the 
> OOo Marketing discussion, your contribution is greatly appreciated.  
> And thanks for the consideration,
> ~ge~
> Gary Edwards
> gary.edwards@OpenStack.us
> OpenOffice.org volunteer serving on the OASIS OpenDocument Technical 
> Committee
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