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office-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: martin@is-thought.co.uk

Name:Martin Bryan
Title: IST/41 Secretary
Organization: BSI
Regarding Specification: ODF

Some more typos:

P228: Change "sub conditions" to "sub-conditions" or "subconditions"
P235 and P236: Change "username" to "user name" or "user-name" (which is the form used in the attribute!)
P238: "an data layout field" -> "a data layout field"
P239: Change "sub group" to "sub-group" or "subgroup"
P246: row-percentage needs formatting correctly in column-percentage definition
P314: Change "casted" to "cast"
P330: make "sub-paths" consistent with earlier occurrences of "subpathes" or whatever.
P332 Change "sub element" to ...
P340: Change "are existing:" to "exist"
P351: Change "y animates" to y: animates"
P352: Change "whole :animates" to "whole: animages", "background,:animates" to background: animates" and "Text: animates" to "text: animates"
Change "e,: this" to "e: this"

366 pages is enough for one day!

More to follow

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