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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: martin@is-thought.co.uk

Name: Martin Bryan
Title: IST/41 Secretary
Organization: BSI
Regarding Specification: ODF

Typos over and above those already identified by the editor in the first 200 pages include, but are by no means limited to:

Page 32: "Table 2lists"
Page 39: "it's" (should be it is in a standard)
Page 126: The reference to "See section 6.7.8 for more information on how to use this attribute" should end "these attributes"
Page 146: Two occurrences of text:id that have not been set using the fixed width font
P181: The sentence "To be able to
specify cells for such positions as well, the <table:covered-table-cell> element exists." might be better expressed as "The <table:covered-table-cell> element exists to be able to
specify cells for such positions."
P182: Change "cane" to "can"
P201: Change "the 2nd operation" to "the second operation" to match "the first operation"

NB. Not happy re the proposed change of Subentries to Sub entries on P164-5. Would be better as Sub-entries if not kept as a single word. But another proposed correction changes sub-pathes to subpaths, and you also have subtables. There needs to be a consistency as to how sub is used as a prefix. I would prefer to see it used with a hyphen between it and the following word, but would be willing to see it concatenated with the word consistenly. I do not like the idea of using sub as a word on its own, or of it being specific to certain types of entry.

{More comments will follow but the wife needs me to carry the shopping now...}

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