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Subject: Signing ODF documents


I'm looking for a way to sign ODF documents under KOffice. I know 
OpenOffice.org has a working implementation of this, but I haven't found 
any documentation about it's inner workings. More importantly, I haven't 
found anything about signing documents in the ODF standard.

Since signing documents is pretty useful I think it's important for 
office suites to have this capability. Also, since it's not very useful 
to have this defined in a different way by every office suite, I think 
it should be specified in some standard. The ODF standard might be a 
good place for this.

My question is: is anyone currently working on support for this in ODF? 
If so, I'd really like to get in touch with them. Otherwise I'm thinking 
of writing up this support myself, possibly submitting it as an addition 
to the ODF standard once it's done. It'd be nice to know the 
requirements for such an addition, if only it were to raise the quality 
of the work I'll be producing. Is there any information available about 

Thank in advance for any answers!

Kind regards,

Thomas Schaap

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