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Subject: Re: OASIS: Infix Operator "^"

Andreas J Guelzow wrote:
> Unfortunately there is a
> significant discrepancy of the normal mathematical definitions and what
> is used in spreadsheets.

However, there is NO discrepancy what mathematicians use. Also, 
dedicated mathematical programs are fairly consistent with these 
precedence rules. I therefore recommend to every developer of a 
mathematical standard to have first a look at Mathematica.
> [Of course there is an issue here: in OOo ^ appears to be
> left-associative while in Gnumeric it is right-associative.]
>> 1. “^” is left-associative, not right-associative!!!
> Wherever I look I find that ^ is indeed right-associative contrary to
> your claim. ...

I meant right-associative! [The former was actually the definition 
inside the OASIS document.]

So, 2^3^4 = 2^(3^4) as I indicated in my previous post, too. [the 
formulas were correct]

>> 2. The classic ERROR: -4^2
>> Mathematically, this yields always -(4^2)=-16, NEVER +16!!!
>> There is NO unary operator in mathematics that converts a number to its 
>> negative, like described in the documents.
> This is utter nonsense. Of course there is such a unary operator. ...
NO, there is NO such unary operator: -x^2 = -x * -x = + x^2, THIS is 
NONSENSE. Such a unary operator does NOT exist. We can invent a new 
algebra with such an operator. It would simplify some things, we would 
never have to use -x^2, because it would evaluate to +x^2 anyway. But it 
would be utter nonsense.

Kind regards,

Leonard Mada

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