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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Change Tracking issue

Openoffice Development wrote:
> This tag gives the following advantages:
> - ODF consumers can restrict access to data at user level. (This
> accomodates the request of Mr jaqui-greenlees and Mr. Leonard Mada)
> - The user of the ODF consumer can indicate to even letter level which
> he want to protect to unauthorised access.
> - The user of the ODF can also simply choose to turn the feature off all
> together or tunr on at individual letter level.
> - The methode can accomadate requirements at Law level. There could be
> laws where it is illegal to encrypt data or where the user is required
> to give the possibility to encrypt the data by handing over data needed
> to encryopt the data.
> The tag gives the indication to the ODF consumer that the following
> information is encrypted and the ID gives the possibility to grant
> access to user level. The ID could point in the end to an XML file which
> contains data which is necessary to decrypt the data.
> If you say the "proposal" needs some workout I fully aggree with you but
> such a tag would have great benefits you can restrict access in all
> levels of document and so also protect the privacy of users of a document.

What about shared documents, as in the contract negotiation mentioned
above, where the change tracking is needed, and full access by all
involved parties? Would this not require a group level tag?


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