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Subject: Improve Defined Name-Ranges in Spreadsheets

Dear all,

I have recently come again across an older spreadsheet problem.


I had to define a number of names (a lot of them), and this greatly
increases confusion because many manes were similar.
It is also impractical to use very long names.


There are 2 sensible improvements. Both require modifications to the
ODF-specification, but I know that it will be for the best of ODF.

1.) Allow saving a comment additionally to the name.
    The comment would explain what the name really is, so,
    IF I return later to use the name (or another user uses the name),
    I (the user) will know what the name is used for.
    This is partly covered in issue:

2.) Implement *Namespaces* for defined names.
    Names should be valid only within the sheet they were defined.
    To use the name outside that sheet, either:
      - define it as global
      - make use of the sheet-namespace (like in C++)
      - define an alias inside the new sheet
    This is covered in issue:

    Of course, for backwards-compatibility (and less experienced users),
    allow an option to use all names globally (like currently implemented).

These 2 enhancements would make the spreadsheets more structured and
would reduce the chnace of an error.


Leonard Mada

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