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Subject: Re: [office-comment] ODF 1.1 - charts


> I am working on a series of errata documents along with Rob Weir but none
> of those have appeared, yet. I anticipate the first of several this next
> week. Perhaps sooner but I am still digging through my email.
> [...] BTW, you should indicate the version of ODF on which you are
> commenting.
> The reason I ask is that I am working on errata for ODF 1.0 2nd edition,
> which are also going to be processed in ISO for ISO 26300.
> This errata also appears in 1.0 2nd edition, but on a different page. You
> are using the pagination from ODF 1.1.

That's correct. It (as well as my prev. message) refers to the ver. 1.1.
(It's included in the message subject.)
Do both versions have the same priority (re: updating/correcting)?

>> 2.)
>> 15.30.8 Pie Chart Properties p. 686:
>> "The chart:pie-offset attribute (...) determines the offset the tip of a
>> 'pie' (...)".
>> I think the "as a percentage of the radius" words are missing. (Unless
>> you meant something else.)
> I will have to ask the graphics team about this one. BTW, note that in the
> preceding sentence that this attribute is "interpreted" by a pie chart. I
> suspect we should have said is used only with pie charts. Or simply said
> nothing at all since the schema defines availability.

The 'radius' term refers to the radius of such a 'pie'. The offset can't
(should not) be expressed in fixed logical units so it's pretty obvious (how
to interpret it), nevertheless...

> Hope you are having a great day!
> Patrick
Jarek Piechura

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