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Subject: Re: [office-comment] OpenFormula: Excel FLOOR Function

Hello Sheldon, hello everyone,

Sheldon Britton wrote:
> Hi Leonard,
> > "Actually, this concept contains a hidden flaw.
> > [...]
> >
> > I am planning to challenge a lot of the spreadsheet paradigms, as 
> time will permit...."
> As one who has been previously intimately involved in the /*"manual 
> methods"*/ of completing certain processes within the "development 
> banking" industry

Yes, unfortunately I came across the manual methods myself. Though, it 
was an eye opener for me. [I worked some time ago for a government doing 
forecasting/planing, and overseeing and auditing spreadsheet users.]

Indeed, there is a bigger problem with spreadsheets overall, and many 
get phased out. I still believe that - IF existing spreadsheets are 
adapted to modern concepts, they still have a place in businesses.

A business survey published in 2007 [1] paints a grim picture on manual 
operations and therefore on spreadsheets as well. I do also hope that 
new concepts and various integration attempts are addressed on this 
list, too, and hopefully sooner than later.

Many thanks for your interest in this subject.



[1] http://www.exidio.com/Files/Survey%20-%20Exidio%20and%20gtnews.pdf
[Google for "Survey Reveals High Levels of Inefficiency Within Internal 
Treasury Operations" and click on the 'Cached'-link for the first result 
(the actual link needs a subscription; amazing this new technology ;-) ) 
to get additional info on survey respondents, see bottom-note]
[There are a lot of other surveys painting a similar picture.]

> I wish to submit that even before one gets to the stage of actually 
> attempting to solve a given problem with the "*/computerized/* 
> /*spreadsheet functions**"*/ that are currently being provided; (and 
> with those that will follow in the future), there are also those 
> step-by-step /*_procedures _*/that have to be adhered to in order to 
> achieve the desired results. This now brings us to the questions with 
> regard to the integration of /*"Databases", Tables"*/... into those 
> Spreadsheets (for example; the Microsoft-Eolas case).
> _Question:_
> So, in addition to the obvious spreadsheet issues currently being 
> discussed... when and how will these "integration" or 
> "interoperability" issues now being pointed towards be addressed if 
> not now?
> Kindest regards,
> Sheldon a. Britton  
> [...]

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