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Subject: 11.2.9 db:java-classpath (OpenDocument-v1.2draft7-3.odt)

So if I somewhat formalize the proposal on making the db-part
of ODF less java-specific

(thanks Jaroslaw, for bringing it to the attention)

Replace element db:java-classpath with element <db:driver>


- db:driver-name (string, optional)
A human-friendly name (like "Acme FooBar driver")

- db:driver-type (string, mandatory)
Indicates the type/platform of the driver (jdbc, odbc, ...)

- db:driver-class (string, mandatory)
The driver itself (like "org.acme.foo.Driver")

- db:driver-path (string, optional)
class-path, dll-path, ... that contains the driver class

- db:driver-version (string, optional)
Indicates the version of the driver

Best regards,


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