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Subject: Mandatory parts of an ODF-package

I am trying to figure out what the mandatory parts of an ODF-package are -
but I can't seem to find a clear answer. If I read ODF 1.0 (section 2.1
about document roots and section 17 about the package) I would conclude

Required parts of an ODF-package is the following streams in the


(actually the content.xml-stream is required only by reference (induction?)
since it contains the document data itself and the stream containing the
document must be named "content.xml". I would argue though, that given
strict reading of the spec a document would be conformant when omitting the
content.xml-stream as well).

The problem with the above is that it goes against the output of the
OpenDocumentFellowship-validator (it requires the styles.xml, settings.xml
and meta.xml-files and mimetype-file) as well as the current implementation
of all application suites supporting ODF.

Can you (anyone) confirm the above? It seems to me that a KISS/simple
"Hello-world"-ODF document would be perfectly valid if it only contained the
content.xml-file as well as the manifest-file.


/Jesper Lund Stocholm

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