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Subject: Re: [office-comment] ODFF: list of suggestions

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Hi David,

On Thursday, 2008-04-24 05:59:18 +0100, David King wrote:

> TRIMMMEAN page 379
> * "Let n denote the number of elements in the data set" - that's=20
> too vague - does it mean elements including or excluding non-
> numbers/blank cells? Calc ignores non-numbers.=20

That is expressed by declaring the dataSet parameter as NumberSequence.

> * CutOff will always be positive - why not use INT rather than=20
> FLOOR in the formula for clarity?

Probably because using the mere letters INT in the math formula editor
produces an integral sign glyph ;-)  Done for draft11.

> * "Calculates the mean of a data set's fraction" - doesn't=20
> describe the function to me - how about "Returns the mean of a=20
> data set, ignoring extreme values" or "Returns the mean of a data=20
> set, ignoring a proportion of high and low values"?

Thanks, done for draft11.


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