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Subject: Re: [office-comment] ODFF: list of suggestions: LINEST

Hi Eike

> > needs a rewrite into clear English - it's actually wrong about 
> > multiple x values as well
> Could you provide some text?

Wanted to avoid this one ;)

Summary: Returns a table of statistics for a straight line that 
best fits a data set. It must be entered as an array formula, in 
order to return an array.

Returns: Array

Syntax: LINEST( Reference|Array knownY [ ; [ Reference|Array 
knownX ] [ ; Logical Const = TRUE() [ ; Logical Stats = FALSE() ] 
] ] )

[NB Reference|Array not Array for knownY,X  I think - is that 

LINEST finds a straight line y = a + bx that best fits the points 
in the data set, using linear regression (the "least squares" 
method). With more than one set of variables the straight line is 
of the form y = a + b1x1 + b2x2 ... + bnxn. 

knownY: a single row or column range/array specifying the y 
coordinates of the points in the data set.

knownX: the x coordinates corresponding to knownY, either a 
single row or column range/array, or (when there is more than one 
set of variables) a range/array with corresponding multiple rows 
or columns. If knownX is omitted or given as an empty parameter 
(two consecutive ;; semicolons), the x coordinates are taken as  
1, 2, 3, ... n (n=COUNT(knownY)). If knownX is given as a single 
value, it applies to all data points.

Const: If set to FALSE(), the constant a is set to zero, forcing 
the line through the origin; otherwise a value for a is 

Stats: If set to FALSE(), only the top row of the table of 
statistics is returned; otherwise the entire table is returned as 

etc [good stuff about the calculations]

I prefer this to the other (minor) edit I offered for LINEST


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