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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Foreign elements and attributes

When I was leading a Japanese government project for the interchange of
documents between the central government and local governments, I
did consider the use of foreign elements and attributes of ODF
seriously.  (I had
to give up ODF for a performance reason, though.) Moreover, even if document
editors do not preserve foreign elements/attributes, other implementations
of ODF might be already using them.

> Did you have any particular features in mind that should be removed from
> ODF?  Or are you just stating that in general you think ODF should have
> less functionality?

I'm afraid that I do not have a list of such features.  I agree that it is
not easy to choose a useful subset.

OOXML is not intended to be lean and mean, since it has to be fully
compatible with
the existing corpus of Microsoft Office documents.  But ODF does not have
this restriction.  ODF can be less biased and more general.

> I believe the plan is to submit ODF 1.2 via PAS process to JTC1, not as an
> amendment to ODF 1.0.  I assume the DIS would eventually end up in J/SC34
> for review.

I am talking about the DIS ballot for the ODF 1.2 PAS submission.


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