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Subject: Request: Work better with Source Code Management System

Cinly OOI


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(1)Created a ODF document. Edited it 25 times.
Wants to see the version 5 edits before.
The only way I know how to do this is to
make sure I saved in different names for all 25 edits.
Then I have to find the version 5 edits before and
use "Compare the document" feature to see the difference

(2)Created a document. Need to be reviewed by two or more people.
They all submit corrections. Difficult to try to merge all corrections.

Won't it be nice if I can use a source code management system, e.g. CVS or SVN,
to version-control my document?

I can do it at present, but what I am saving is binary blob that the SCM does
not understand. It will be nice if I can do standard operations that SCM do,
e.g. look at the difference between two versions.

I understands that we are looking at collaboration between ODF and
source code management systems and what I request for is probably
purely the job for source code management. However, I think if ODF's XML
syntax can/need be modify to accommodate this, I think ODF should.

Best Regards,

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