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Subject: ODF1.2cd01, date on annotations

Just like in ODF 1.1, an office:annotation in ODF 1.2-cd01 may have a
meta:date-string element when:

"the application only has a date string and cannot parse this string"
"Ed. Note: Question pending on what this means."

(13.2.1 meta:date-string)

Since office:annotation can already contain a dc:date element, I see no
value in having a meta:date-string as well... so I propose to just
remove it.

If you would happen to have an existing ODF 1.1 document containing a
note with such a meta:date-string *and* you'd like to convert it to
ODF1.2, the converter could put the string value in the note itself,
e.g. wrapped into an additional text:p (if the date couldn't be parsed
in the first place, it won't be of much use anyway)

Best regards,


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