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Subject: RE: [office-comment] ODF schema is faulty (ODF all versions)

Michael hi

> The ODF schema is correct in its definition of ID types. It is only not
> Relax-NG DTD compatible. But the ODF 1.2 specification does not claim
> anywhere that the ODF 1.2 schema is DTD compatible. It even does not
> reference the Relax-NG DTD compatibility specification. Further, the
> Relax-NG specification also does not claim that all Relax-NG schemas
> have to be DTD compatible. So, everything is fine.

I respectfully disagree. The schema uses DTD features (attribute defaulting) so *is* DTD compatible.

I see though from your exchange with Murata-san that you are intending to remove the defaulting feature. If so, that may cure the ID problem and would (in my opinion) be an improvement to the schema.

So everything *may* be fine in your upcoming revision ... :-)

- Alex.

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