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Subject: Requirement

Rick Jelliffe


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The W3C has defined CDRF, its Compound Document by Reference Format.*  

 "CDRF <http://www.w3.org/TR/CDR/> describes generic rules and behavior 
for combining sets of standalone XML formats. 

NOTE: The Compound Document Framework is language-independent. While it 
is clearly meant to serve as the basis for integrating W3C's family of 
XML formats within its Interaction Domain (e.g., CSS, MathML, SMIL, SVG, 
VoiceXML, XForms, XHTML, XSL) with each other, it can also be used to 
integrate non-W3C formats with W3C formats or integrate non-W3C formats 
with other non-W3C formats."

While ODF currently takes the route of a single file format, 
nevertheless there is a clear user requirement for interoperability
between web documents and standalone presentations. This requirement can 
be in part met by making sure there are
matching features at the most basic abstract level between ODF and CDRF, 
and by augmenting ODF to make up for any differences.



ODF needs to be audited against the requirements of CDRF; abstract 
features specified in CDRF that have no
equivalent in ODF should be added to ODF.

For example, the CDRF has material on the tab order ("focus handling") 
for hyperlinks in a document, including those
inside vector graphics files. So the audit would ask "Do we allow links 
inside vector graphics?" and then "Does our
tab order mechanism handle this case?"   (Note that CDRF does not 
provide a specific focus navigation model: the intent
is not to constrain implementations but to make sure that an ODF 
document and the ODF model does have the correct
slots and features to carry this kind of information.)

Presentations are an area where there is some feeling that ODF (or its 
implementations) are not as far advanced as they
are in other areas. An audit would check that some important aspects are 
dealt with, based on objective criteria made by
a sister consortium. It also may enhance ODFs utility and penetration in 
the mobile devices realm which seems to be driving CDRF.

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