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Subject: Naughty words and phrases (ODF all versions)

Dear all,

The following word and phrases are used in the normative text of ODF.
They need to be removed and the surrounding text re-worked:

* "usually" (e.g. "[t]he value of a field is usually stored in an
attribute" p. 124)

* "typically" (e.g. "empty rows typically introduce a default row" p.

* "in general" or "generally" (e.g. "[i]n general, if r is the radius of
the polygon, and s is the sharpness, the inner corners a [sic] located
on a ellipse that's [sic] radius is r(100-s)/100" p. 397)

* "similar to"  (e.g. "[t]he attribute value syntax is similar to
vector3D" p.380)

* "most" as the sole distinguishing feature of a class of things
normatively described (e.g. "most drawing objects have four standard
glue points" p. 217)

* "may only" instead of "shall only", "shall", etc. (e.g. "[c]ustom
metadata elements may only occur in OpenDocument extended documents" p.

* "even" as a rhetorical intensifier (e.g. "the cursor position could be
also between arbitrary elements, or even within tags" p. 88)

* "then" as connective verbiage (e.g. "[i]f the document is a single XML
document, then the XML root elements of the document shall be valid" p.

* "might" and "might not" (e.g. "the application might or might not
display such fields" p. 556)

* "must" instead of "shall" (e.g. "the lists must be split" p. 108)

* "as possible" as an undefined property (e.g. "number:country
attributes whose values are as close as possible to the actual value" p.

* "possible" as applied to prescribed normative behaviour (e.g. "if the
value of the attribute is true, the application keeps the style if
possible" p. 503)

* "in terms of" when that isn't strictly what is meant (e.g. "[t]he
column width is not specified in a percentage length, but rather in
terms of relative weights" p. 500)

- Alex.

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