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Subject: Yet more naughty words (ODF all versions)

Dear all,

* "suitable" (e.g. "[o]ther suitable MIME types are also acceptable." 18.278)

* "for example" or "e.g." in normative text (e.g. "for example when a formula is copied, absolute cell references do not change" - examples must be written as examples.

* "for instance" for the same reason (e.g. "[r]ow groups can for instance used [sic] by spreadsheet applications to group rows that are summarized" 8.1.8) - examples must be written as examples.

* "especially" as distinguishing certain behaviour (e.g. "[t]hey are especially allowed to implement a font matching [sic] based only on the font face declarations" 15.9)

* "allowed" and "permitted" must be removed, and provisions recast around Annex H terms (e.g. "inclusion of custom content is allowed on several occasions" in 17.2 is bad in all sorts of ways; what are these "occasions" anyway, leap years?)

* "several" is not appropriate for normative text (e.g. "[t]here are several fields which contain information about a second and following author" remember guys, requirements in documents shall be expressed in well-defined values.

* "explicitly" as padding (e.g. "[e]very variable field has a value type that must be explicitly specified" 18.391)

* "sufficient", "sufficiently" etc. (e.g. "[t]ext may wrap around both sides of the shape, provided that there is sufficient space left" 19.388) ... remember ... well-defined values ...

* "enough" for the same reason (e.g. "[t]he number of lines actually displayed may be smaller than specified if the page does not have enough space to display the specified number of lines with the specified line height" 19.298)

- Alex.

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