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Subject: legendary paragraphs (ODF all versions)

Dear all,

10.3, in typical underspecifying fashion, tells us about <chart:legend>

The <chart:legend> element represents a legend for a chart.

The <chart:legend> element may contain a <text:p> element. If present, it defines a title for the legend.

* What exactly is a "legend" in ODF terms? I'm guessing it’s a kind of key between symbols/colurs/fill-effects and visualized data series? Yes?

* The model mistakenly abuses a <text:p> element for titling. Titling is *not* one of the stated semantics of <text:p> per 4.1.2. A <text:h> element needs to be used instead, as this element does have those semantics.

* How does a user, wanting to record legend information (e.g. the correspondence between fill colours and their connotations), fit this information into a model which only permits a title?

I'm guessing the data for a legend is taken from the source data somehow, but this needs to be explained. And if this so, this section should also state that applications shall use the existence of <chart:legend> as an indication of whether to *display* a legend with its contained title, not (wrongly) that this element "represents" a legend itself.

- Alex.

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