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Subject: text:hidden-text (ODF all versions)

Dear all,


The <text:hidden-text> element displays fixed text, except when a
specified condition is true, then it does not display anything.

* what is "fixed" text?

* what is a "specified condition" here? Something to do with an
attribute? ... if so, say so.

* this _element_ does not display anything (maybe, an application
interpreting it might)

* "it" shouldn't be the subject of the last clause (maybe too, "an

* what does "not display anything" mean? Default background? So -- is
the space that would be occupied by the text rendered? (i.e. does making
text hidden cause text around it to close-up? Or is it more like
white-on-white text?)

* If the text really does disappear, how can a user select it and make
it un-hidden?

- Alex.

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