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Subject: <number:embedded-text> (ODF all versions)

Dear all,

The <number:embedded-text> element specifies text that is displayed at one specific position within a number.

And  (about @number:position)

The position is counted by digits from right to left, from before the decimal point if one exists, or else from the end of the number.

* what is "one specific position" ? by character count?

* if so, would the behaviour be the same for the number with lexical forms "1000000" / "1.00E+006" / "1,000,000"? does the count operate on some canonical lexical form, or the one that happens to be displayed?

* is the count zero- or one-based?

* what happens if the position is out-of-range?

* the position is counted "by digits", so chars like "+" and "E" and ignored, right?

* what does "before the decimal point" mean, when counting right-to-left?

* how does this counting work for right-to-left writing environments?

* what does "or else from the end of the number" mean? Is the end the beginning if counting right-to-left?

* err, what use is this feature?

- Alex.

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