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Subject: <draw:id> (ODF 1.2CD01)

Dear all,

18.194 draw:id

The draw:id attribute assigns a number to a glue point. See 9.3.16. This
number occurs within the draw:start-glue-point and draw:end-glue-point
attributes of a <draw:connector> element. The ids 0 to 3 are reserved
for the 4 standard glue points that most drawing objects have. The glue
points are numbered clockwise, starting at the top left corner of the

The draw:id attribute further assigns an ID to a drawing shape or a
drawing page. 

* "The ids 0 to 3 are reserved" -- these are not (in XML) IDs (we are
told this attribute "assigns an ID")

* The schema defines this attribute as having type NCName, not type ID.

* What is meant by "most drawing objects".

* What is the "top left corner" of the shape, for shapes like diamonds
and circles?

* It is not clear how this attribute *both* enumerates a "glue point"
*and* identified a shape (this is the meaning of "further assigns",
no?); please provide clarifying text and/or an example.

It appears this element is badly overloaded and redundant. Please
rectify this poor design by removing/renaming it.

- Alex.

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