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Subject: NUMBERTEXT/MONEYTEXT proposal for OpenFormula

Dear ODF Committee/OpenFormula Subcommittee,

With the financial support of NLnet Foundation, Netherlands, I have
developed the technical background of the
NUMBERTEXT/MONEYTEXT spreadsheet functions with specifications,
significant amount of language data and
a working demonstration in OpenOffice.org.

NUMBERTEXT and MONEYTEXT are the proposed spreadsheet functions for
number to number name and currency name conversion.
MONEYTEXT is functionally top-compliant with the ECMA/ISO standard
BAHTTEXT function.

Specification: http://NUMBERTEXT.org/numbertext.pdf

To solve the implementation problems of a general-purpose
NUMBERTEXT/MONEYTEXT (technical and human resource problems, as in
mentioned in http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office-formula/200702/msg00116.html
by Eike Rathke), I have made a lightweight domain-specific programming
language (Soros language) and founded an open source project,

Soros programming language specification: http://NUMBERTEXT.org/sorosspec.pdf

Dedicated site of NUMBERTEXT/MONEYTEXT development: http://NUMBERTEXT.org

I think, implementation is no longer an obstacle to standardize

I would be glad, if I could help to fix the ECMA/ISO BAHTTEXT with a
better alternative.

Best regards,

László Németh
OpenOffice.org developer (co-lead of OpenOffice.org Lingucomponent project)

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