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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Schema copyright

Hi Alex

Perhaps one way to move forward would be to raise a defect report
against IS 26300 complaining about the schema licensing?

Yes this would be one way of ensuring it is addressed. 

But I would also be extremely reluctant to present this as a particular problem with ODF.  I just took a look at the ISO29500 schemas from the ITTF free downloadable site and I see that they have exactly the same problem.  In fact in some ways it is perhaps worse as they have no copyright statement at all on them.  Perhaps there are people who think that the absence of a copyright statement means that they are in some way public domain.  Which might be the cause of Murata-san's confusion.  But in fact, not only do you not have licence but it is also not clear who you would get a licence from.  The ECMA376 schemas are the same.

So it seems that OASIS, ECMA and ISO might be in need of some movement here.  And probably others.  Anyway, the ODF issue has been raised now on the comment list and I will raise it internally with the TC and OASIS.


This could be
tabled for the upcoming WG6 Paris meeting. Then the formal process would
have to grind through to some solution - it's going to take lawyers,
rather than us techies, to sort it out so I suspect the impetus of a
formal process is needed to get action.

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