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Subject: Requirement

Ronnie The Bonnie


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Where notes are used.

Proposal to rename Notes (in writer, calc, ...) to Comments to differentiate between Notes in presentation and Notes (as in writer).

OOo has renamed notes to comments because there is something else in impress that is also called notes.
Shouldn't odf 1.2 also use the name comments to avoid problems with notes in presentations that is something else.
This could other wise pose a very big problem in some situations or future compatibility.
It's pretty error-prone/confusing for developers implementing the two things.

It's less confusion for developing odf software that notes and comments are two different things.
It's possible to avoid but, let's get the format right from the beginning: http://blogs.msdn.com/brada/archive/2003/10/02/50420.aspx
(Read the link before making plans to see me as an enemy of FOSS, it's about making good API, format, code it's not MS stuff particulary.)

Rational: confusing for developers, notes has two different meanings now. It's better to distinguish even when it has already a different name space.

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