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Subject: [office-comment] ZIP specification for ODF 1.2

Alex Brown has recently discovered a 404 when clicking a link for the zip specification in odf 1.0.
Dear all,

The ZIP specification in OASIS ODF 1.0 is

This returns a 404.

N.B. the URL here differs from that of IS 26300. What is the explanation
for this!?

- Alex.

These problems are showing that odf is lacking very much with the zip-specification.

It would be safer and better way of doing things to include the actual zip spec into the odf spec.
In ODF 1.2 Part 3 for Packages more specifically. Then it becomes a standard because it's part of odf package.
Including it makes it easier for developers because it's present in the specification.
And a lot, lot safer of just providing a link to some web page that is totally unrelated.

Request for the actual zip-specification to be integrated into the odf specification part 3: packages.
ODF could also choose the most recent version with the most recent features.
This is possible because there are no dependencies. Another advantage of including the actual specification/integrating it.
Which is preferably, especially with the improvements in 6.3.2
Using unicode with the unicode flag will make odf actually more standard than using other, more proprietary encoding schemes.

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