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Subject: 1.2 part 3 cd1, 3.8.3 manifest:checksum-type

3.8.3 says:

"The defined values for the manifest:checksum-type attribute are:

- SHA1/1K: SHA1 algorithm (see [RFC3174]) applied to first 1024 bytes of the compressed unencrypted file.
- urn:oasis:names:tc:opendocument:xmlns:manifest:1.0#sha1: The same algorithms as identified by SHA1/1K."

A few things are a bit unclear to me:

- Should this read "algorithm" instead of algorithmS" (plural) ? (if not: what are these other algorithms ?)

- is the urn...#sha1 also to be applied to the first 1K only, like SHA1/1K ? or to all bytes of the file ?
If it really is the same as SHA1/1K, wouldn't it be more future-proof to use something like urn...#sha1-1k ?

Best regards,


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