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Subject: ODF JIS and accessibility

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to inform that ODF 1.0 has been approved as a Japanese
Industrial Standard.  Every sentence has been translated from English to
Japanese.   A reviewing committee made 650 comments on earlier drafts,
and we have done our best to respond to the comments.  I am grateful to
everybody who has contributed to this work.  

As part of our vote on DIS 26300, Japan requested the addition of 
accessibility features.  We were aware that the ODF TC was 
studying accessibility features and hoped that they can be incorporated 
in 26300 as part of the comment disposition.  But this comment was 
not accepted and we now have ISO/IEC 26300 and JIS ODF, which lack
bare-minimum accessibility features.

Please let me say that I do want to revise JIS ODF when 26300 
is amended and has accessibility features.

ODF JIS committee chair

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