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Subject: Re: [office-comment] 19.68 db:is-table-name-length-limited (ODF pt 1, public review 1)

Dear all,

The db:is-table-name-length-
limited attribute specifies whether table names are limited to eight characters or less.
The defined values for the db:is-table-name-length-limited attribute are:
● false: tables names may be eight characters or greater in length.
● true: table names shall not be greater than eight characters in length.

* "to eight characters or less" --> " to eightor fewer characters"

* "may be eight characters or greater in length" --> "may exceed eight characters in length" (otherwise implied name have to be > 8 chars)

- Alex.

Please don't add in the way that has been demonstrated here, such 8char nonsense into standards such as ODF.
At least make a attribute that is nothing when it's not limited and has a settable amount of chars.

Much more useful, setting the eight char limit as default is fine too.
Set the nothing as default, that applications should, shall, ... use this as a default.

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