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Subject: ODF1.2 part 1 chapter 20.24 chart:interpolation

Hello members,

the cubic spline interpolation has a wrong description in case of a 
closed line. It should be a periodic spline and the definition should 
contain the condition f_1'(0)=f_n'(n) and f_1''(0)=f_n''(n) as it is the 
rule in mathematics.

This had been discussed in

Andreas Guelzow had attached a solution in
but the current text in ODF1.2 part1 does not contain it, but the wrong 
condition f_1''(0)=3/2*(x_1 + x_{n-1} - 2x_0)=f_n''(n)

I hope that you can correct it, before the text becomes a standard.

Kind regards
Regina Henschel

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