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Subject: Re: Orientation problems with angles post

Hi Patrick,

Patrick Durusau schrieb:

I am going through all the issues for ODF 1.3 and wanted to follow up on
your post:


Andreas Guelzow responded at:


I have not looked at all the angle issues but agree that we need to more
closely align with SVG.

Can you help me with pointing out specific instances where correction is
in your view required?

I don't want to leave any issues it is possible to address in 1.3 for a
later version.


I have started to collect some problems with ODF on http://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/User:Regina/MYDrafts4. As the folder name says, it is a draft.

[You can skip the section "4 gradients in Apache OpenOffice". It is not actual, because some bugs in Apache OpenOffice are fixed now and some descriptions are still false.]

This text covers the problems in transformations and in gradients (not only angle but some additional problems).

There is an additional, similar problem for custom shapes in "19.145 draw:enhanced-path". One problem is in the child element "19.171 draw:formula" with angles in the functions. The other problem is in the commands T(=angle-ellipse to) and U(=angle-ellipse). I have not examined all of them until now, but at least sin and cos use radians in Apache OpenOffice, although degree is specified.

I will come to ODF Plugfest at LibreOffice Conference in Berlin. Will you be there too?

Kind regards

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