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Subject: Fwd: Re: [office-formula] New time summary - comments on possibledates (March 2 and 9)?

I think we're likely to telecomm on March 2, 1700UTC (noon EST),
with March 9 (same times) as the best fallback.
Let me explain why...

Tom Metcalf just emailed me privately; due to other activities,
he CANNOT make the earlier times on March 9.
That time is harsh for many other participants, too; I fear that
if we have it then, other people may drop out at the last minute.

So we are back to the situation where there are NO
"perfect" dates: the intersection of our schedules is the null set.
The best we can do is March 2 or 9, 1700-1800UTC
(1200-1300EST).  All other times lose more people.
If there seems to be no other reasons to pick one date
or the other, I would like to meet SOONER.

Thus: March 2, 1700-1800UTC, is our most likely meeting time,
with March 9 (same times) as an emergency fallback.
The unfortunate part is that means that Richard K. may not
be able to attend.  However, all other timeslots have even worse problems.

--- David A. Wheeler

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