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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Proposal: Work ONLY electronically afterinitial telecomm, except when we decide otherwise

I think it'd still be a good idea to have a single "kickoff" teleconference.
But if Daniel and my understanding is correct, there's no reason
we need to WAIT for it to make decisions.  And the "kickoff"
teleconference can also be the LAST teleconference, as far as
I'm concerned.  My company is committed to paying for weekly
teleconferences for 6 months, but we should NOT use teleconferences
unless they're actually helpful for some reason.

I earlier proposed doing everything by teleconference, and it
looks like we don't even have go through procedural hurdles to
make it a standing rule.  So... if anyone objects to working entirely
by electronic means, please speak up now.  Otherwise, let's
start working NOW.

--- David A. Wheeler

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