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Subject: Syntax TODOs left


currently contains these TODOs:

'''TODO:''' The namespace for this specification is ???.

Will probably be determined by the TC later.

'''TODO:''' define algorithm of automatic lookup (least square roots
clockwise starting upper left).

Definition of QuotedLabel lookup, I'll do that.

'''TODO:''' Excel has a weird feature called ''stacked labels'', where
a label may be the result of a concatenation of cell contents of stacked
adjacent cells in one column, [...]

Actually I don't have a satisfying solution for this. Having played
around with that feature in Excel, the results aren't even determinable
there and may vary depending on the order of creation of labels and
input. It would be solvable in a file format however, since the
confusion of the UI between different meaning of spaces would be
eliminated there.

Ideas, anyone?

'''TODO:''' clarify whether ODF specification could be changed to allow
constructs like A:A or 2:2, which the current cellRangeAddress
definition does not.

I will try to clarify.

'''TODO:''' In Excel, NamedExpressions can be sheet-specific or global,
but there's no syntax to reference one or the other (a potential problem
for external references in particular). Should we do better?

Open. No decision yet.

'''TODO:''' exceptions? This is about IRIs (formerly URIs) as references
to external sources.

I think we can close that, IMHO there are no exceptions. Objections,

'''TODO:''' Check that precedence of ":" (when not inside [...]) is
appropriate. In operator precedence.

I think it is appropriate. The range operator must bind highest to allow
any other expression to bind to a range reference. Other opinons?

Then there's an entire section labeled JUNK at the end of the page. Do
we want or need to keep any of it?

Is there anything else we want to be addressed in the syntax part?


Automatic string conversions considered dangerous. They are the GOTO statements
of spreadsheets.  --Robert Weir on the OpenDocument formula subcommitee's list.

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