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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Shall we convert the material to ODF now?


"David A. Wheeler" <dwheeler@dwheeler.com> wrote on 07/01/2006 08:52:28 PM:

> Originally we had planned to use the Wiki to create our document, and
> then convert it late into OpenDocument.  However, after fiddling with
> the Wiki that OASIS makes available to us, I'm thinking that it
> might be better to convert to ODF _now_, not later.
> We can still use the Wiki for very early thoughts/work, and then
> convert THOSE pieces to ODF.  But the Wiki that OASIS makes available
> to us is less than ideal for us.  It doesn't record who made the
> changes, it doesn't support math formulas (a real problem when
> writing a formula spec!), and it doesn't have run-time templates
> (making later conversion to ODF painful).  I've done some fiddling
> and found that it'll take time to convert existing available material
> to yet another Wiki format... which will have to be converted AGAIN
> on movement to ODF.  Ugh.  Since the final needs to be ODF, let's just
> do it.  ODF is a very nice format, which obviously supports formulas
> and much else.
> This affects Eike and Rob Weir most directly, but it indirectly
> affects all, so before going this way, I'd like to hear if anyone
> has problems with this.
> The Wiki is not _disappearing_, so if a particular section is
> easier to edit on the Wiki first, and then transfer over, that'd be
> a fine way to work.

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