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Subject: New draft of openformula specification

I've posted a new version of the formula specification.
You can get it by loading:

Big changes:
* Rewrote "Basic Concepts" into a "Formula Processing Model", and
   made a first stab at describing with specificity HOW a formula is
   calculated (from the point of view of final results, not how an implementation
   would implement it).  This is a requirement in the subcommittee charter.
* Modified text in various places to discuss the effect of
   OpenDocument calculation settings (case-sensitive, etc.).  In the
   "Formula Processing Model" it lists all the settings. I really need help
   in defining use-regular-expressions... any volunteers?  Also, we have
   different RE languages in widespread use... suggestions on how to handle
   that would be very welcome.
* For case-sensitive=false, I've claimed that it should work as if everything
   was converted to lowercase first.  But is that what should take place?
   How should comparing with "_" be handled, for example?
   Also - is what is considered "lower case" locale-sensitive? I suspect it is...!
* Began efforts to modify functions so that they have a SINGLE definition,
   instead of "at level 1 it does this... at level 2 we add this requirement...",
   per Rob Weir's recommendation.  AND() and OR() must support 1 or more
   params (at 1 param they simply convert to Logical); LOG()'s second parameter
   is now optional (that will require a change to OOo).  DATE and TIME must roll over
   (KOffice didn't do that at one time... is there any objection from the KSpread camp?).
   In some cases I've explicitly stated that something is unspecified, e.g., whether or
   not the parameters of TIME have INT() applied to them (as a result, TIME is really
   only portable when you send it integers).
* Merged most of the Namespace text into one place (instead of 3)
* List all contributors, sorted by last name.
* Various minor improvements/structure mods.  E.G., moved many of the
   types' heading levels (3->2, 4->3), which makes the document a little
   easier to follow.

--- David A. Wheeler 

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