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Subject: NEED VOLUNTEERS - filling in the formula specs!

We now need volunteers to start filling in the definitions of the
remaining functions.  Who's up for it?

This means you'll need to
examine the documentation of various applications and propose
what should be required on all.  Please let me know, even
if you can only work on a few functions; many hands make light work.

I'd like to assign by group, so that one person does a set of
related functions.
I'm trying to see if I can get some documentation released
to us so we can copy it directly as a starting point (where appropriate).
Obviously, we cannot copy any text without permission.

That VERY MUCH includes creating test cases;
every function should have AT LEAST one test case, and really
should have several that test ranges.  (Is 0 okay? Negative numbers?
What happens with fractions? Empty strings?).  The test cases
are great for implementors, and they're also great for
finding spec errors.


--- David A. Wheeler 

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