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Subject: Re: [office-formula] YEARFRAC again

> However, there's
> another TODO for YEARFRAC
> | TODO: Applications should probably implement the other actual/actual
> | systems; we need to allocate basis numbers to them that everyone
> | agrees on.
> I don't think we should define other systems there, for
> interoperability's sake. I'll remove that as well if noone disagrees.

I think we should change it to a NOTE, but not REMOVE it.  It's really a "TODO" for some future version of the standard.  It turns out that there are other actual/actual systems, and by NOT having a standard way to access them, all spreadsheet implementations are doing a disservice to those users.

That said, we need to standardize what is standard TODAY, and later on work on standardizing extensions for the future.  How about this:

Note: There are other actual/actual systems, for which currently there are no standard basis assignments.  Future versions of this specification may add them.

--- David A. Wheeler

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