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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Status of work, going TC

> To have more peering eyes on it and to give the TC enough time I propose
> we hand the document, in the state I'll send David for upload this
> evening, to the TC for review at the beginning of next week, together
> with a short list of what substantial content will change (e.g. the
> functions mentioned above).

I'd like to look over the new version first, because there are a few TODOs that I think we can eliminate before release to the TC.  But I think in principle your plan is a good one.  At most, I think a week later we should release to the TC.

> There probably will be quite some changes in wording and editorial
> changes like layout and such during the review phase, as due to the
> various authors style differs much throughout the entire document.
> I think from the point of handing the document to the TC we'll have to
> produce two versions of each draft uploaded, one being the entire
> document and another one with change tracking enabled for the difference
> between two revisions.

I'm not sure why we'd need two versions each time.  But that's a TC-process issue anyway, and probably left to discussions with the TC as a whole.

--- David A. Wheeler

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