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Subject: Groups - OpenDocument Formula Specification 2008-06-01 (ODT) (OpenDocument-formula-20080601.odt) uploaded

This version:
* Resolves the Basis/YEARFRAC issue by defining it to be the same as what
Excel _actually_ does, and NOT what OOXML says.  It includes an option to
support OOXML's basis values, by adding 32.
* It defines column-naming (A...Z, AA..ZZ, etc.).  See the text for the
* It clarifies what references to an empty cell mean; see section 4
* Various other cleanups.

 -- David Wheeler

The document revision named OpenDocument Formula Specification 2008-06-01
(ODT) (OpenDocument-formula-20080601.odt) has been submitted by David
Wheeler to the OpenDocument - Formula document repository.  This document
is revision #64 of openformula-spec-20060221.odt.

Document Description:
OpenFormula is an open format for exchanging recalculated formulas between
office application implementations, particularly for spreadsheets.
OpenFormula defines the types, syntax, and semantics for calculated
formulas, including many predefined functions and operations, so that
formulas can be exchanged between applications and produce substantively
equal outputs when recalculated with equal inputs. Both closed and open
source software can implement OpenFormula.

OpenFormula is intended to be a supporting document to the Open Document
Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) format, particularly for
defining its attributes table:formula and text:formula. It can be used in
other circumstances where a simple, easy-to-read infix notation is desired
for exchanging recalculated formulas.

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Download Document:  

This document is revision #64 of openformula-spec-20060221.odt.  The
document details page referenced above will show the complete revision

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-OASIS Open Administration

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