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Subject: RE: [office-formula] OFFICE-2164: EASTERSUNDAY

On Mon, 2009-10-26 at 14:12 -0700, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> That would work just fine.  I'm happy to see that is already there.
> The Java naming convention will work, so long as .-separated name segments
> are not confused with anything else.  
> I missed this in my last look at the draft.

Have a look at 5.7. Of course unfortunately this is only written as
"should" rather than "shall".

> Is there a convention for finding documentation on such extensions based on
> the name (thinking of JavaDoc equivalents) or is that something that would
> be a developed practice outside of the OpenFormula specification?

Currently there is no such convention included, of course it may be


> > 
Andreas J. Guelzow
Concordia University College of Alberta

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