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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Summary of OpenFormula JIRA meeting 2009-11-10


On Tuesday, 2009-11-10 11:12:49 -0500, David A. Wheeler wrote:

> [Clarification: Eike was *not* on this call.]

Yes, I was on sick leave after Orvieto.

> There was a brief discussion on the test cases.
> The final spec version will NOT include the test cases, but they
> could be included in other formats.

Note that we have a JIRA Component value "OpenFormula Test Cases", this
used with a Fix Version value of "Task" excludes issues that exist only
for test case changes from queries for "OpenFormula" or "ODF 1.2", so we
can focus on the specification changes first. I applied these values to
obvious issues, currently there are 10 issues with Component value
"OpenFormula Test Cases".

> Weir/Eric: Change the OpenFormula specification of length.
> Remove the "[..]" processing, and make it a simple maximum length.
> The group agreed to change the maximum to a simple 2048 characters.
> (Implementations must support at LEAST this size.)

I'm fine with that.

> We then allocated unassigned issues:
> 846: Dennis
> 1191: Dennis
> 1194: Rob Weir (tied to 1196)
> 1076: Rob Weir
> 1911: Dennis
> 2014: Weir (really a final pass review)
> 2073: Dennis.  (Hopefully this is resolved now, need to double-check).

All these issues were still unassigned, I took the liberty to assign
them to the allocated owner.

> 1999 (this adds a new function that generates text for numbers in
> arbitrary languages) will be reassigned to ODF-NEXT.  This looks
> useful, but isn't widely implemented.

I already talked with the implementor, he plans to provide the functions
as Add-In extensions, at least for OOo and maybe Excel. For
ODF/OpenFormula the functions should be stored as
versions of the specification may want to add them to the core set, i.e.

> Next call: Need to discuss Calculation settings & regular expression syntax.

What exactly should be discussed?

> Next call will be in 2 weeks (as usual), 10am U.S. Eastern Time.
> Wheeler *believes* that by then all Northern Hemisphere countries
> that use daylight savings time will be re-synchronized.

Almost, Bangladesh is said to still have DST by then ;-)
Seems they didn't announce any ending date.


Automatic string conversions considered dangerous. They are the GOTO statements
of spreadsheets.  --Robert Weir on the OpenDocument formula subcommittee's list.

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