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Subject: Summary 2010-09-21 of OpenFormula meeting

Summary 2010-09-21 of OpenFormula meeting

(As always, please reply-all with corrections.)

[David Wheeler didn't take attendance, so this list is uncertain.
However, I believe the following were present]:
David A. Wheeler
Andreas G.
Eric Patterson
Patrick D.
Dennis Hamilton
Rob Wei

We WILL meet next Tuesday.

Note: For our current status, see the dashboard:


Focused first on NEEDS-DISCUSSION, then CD06 unassigned.

* OFFICE-2603

We'll drop all citations & reference to the IEEE numeric standards; no longer needed.
Implementers MAY use them, but need not.

* OFFICE-3432

Wheeler: Single quotes - can be percent encoded, or doubled.  This text is confusing.

Dennis: Agree, some different text needs to be here.

Rob Weir: OFFICE-3440 is a related part 1 issue.

Dennis: The key issue are these two paragraphs, the rest are informative.
In particular, many characters are NOT in the legal set.

Wheeler: I'm happy to leave in notes, they help implementors.

* OFFICE-3435

Dennis will take it, and write a proposal.

* OFFICE-3436 (CELL)

This function returns mostly host-dependent stuff; the group generally
agreed that was okay, as this provides a standard way to get that info.

Dennis will pick this up.

Eric: I expect to get through all my issues next week.  We'll probably
have more than we can handle in 1-2 meetings; we might need even more.

We will meet next week.

--- David A. Wheeler 

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