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Subject: [office] Clarification re: DSDL and W3C Schema

Hi folks!

I didn't want to take from the time of the meeting today to clarify a 
comment made by Uche regarding http://dsdl.org Document Schema Definition 
Languages (DSDL) - ISO 19757.  I was the first project chairman of DSDL and 
only stepped down from that role at the December meeting that just happened 
due to health concerns.

DSDL *will* accommodate the use of W3C Schema when that is important to 
someone's validation requirements.  DSDL has no purview to make any part of 
W3C Schema an ISO standard, but there are no restrictions to referring to 
it or accommodating the use of it in the technologies that are 
developed.  People who have modelled their information using W3C Schema 
will be able to choreograph its use within the scope of DSDL.

Note that RELAX-NG is becoming an ISO standard: ISO/IEC 19757-2.  It is 
part two of DSDL.

Schematron is also becoming an ISO standard: ISO/IEC 19757-3 (you guessed 
it: part 3).

As Uche said, some government organizations are restricted by treaty or 
legislation to use ISO standards, so this work by the DSDL group to bring 
these technologies to formal International Standard status will help these 
groups take advantage of new technologies.

A profile of SGML ISO 8879 already matches the XML 1.0 definition.

If we choose to make RELAX-NG or DTDs the normative expression, we will be 
using international standards.  I don't think anyone is questioning that we 
also will be supporting W3C Schema ... I think the only question is whether 
it is the normative one or not.

I hope this helps.

....................... Ken

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