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Subject: Re: [office] Clarification re: DSDL and W3C Schema

Hi Ken,

thank you for that clarification.


G. Ken Holman wrote:
> Hi folks!
> I didn't want to take from the time of the meeting today to clarify a 
> comment made by Uche regarding http://dsdl.org Document Schema 
> Definition Languages (DSDL) - ISO 19757.  I was the first project 
> chairman of DSDL and only stepped down from that role at the December 
> meeting that just happened due to health concerns.
> DSDL *will* accommodate the use of W3C Schema when that is important to 
> someone's validation requirements.  DSDL has no purview to make any part 
> of W3C Schema an ISO standard, but there are no restrictions to 
> referring to it or accommodating the use of it in the technologies that 
> are developed.  People who have modelled their information using W3C 
> Schema will be able to choreograph its use within the scope of DSDL.
> Note that RELAX-NG is becoming an ISO standard: ISO/IEC 19757-2.  It is 
> part two of DSDL.
> Schematron is also becoming an ISO standard: ISO/IEC 19757-3 (you 
> guessed it: part 3).
> As Uche said, some government organizations are restricted by treaty or 
> legislation to use ISO standards, so this work by the DSDL group to 
> bring these technologies to formal International Standard status will 
> help these groups take advantage of new technologies.
> A profile of SGML ISO 8879 already matches the XML 1.0 definition.
> If we choose to make RELAX-NG or DTDs the normative expression, we will 
> be using international standards.  I don't think anyone is questioning 
> that we also will be supporting W3C Schema ... I think the only question 
> is whether it is the normative one or not.
> I hope this helps.
> ....................... Ken
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