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Subject: RE: [office] Proposal for lists/numbered paragraphs

At 14:34 2003 03 18 -0600, Philip Boutros wrote:

>Bigger Picture
>What openoffice has done with the <list> element is attempt to take the very simplest case of "numbered paragraphs" in word processors and turn them into structure so they can be easily processed. In doing so they have complicated all the other cases of "numbered paragraphs" and were forced to add a whole new mechanism to deal with "numbered headings". I again recommend we abandon this well intentioned but problematic scheme and model "lists" as the major word processors do. This not only unifies all "numbered paragraph" in the schema but also allow better transfer of the user's intention from the major word processing formats.

Doesn't this mean that there is no distinction
between numbered headings and list items?

And therefore there is no concept of a list
any more, just list items?

And therefore no real concept of a division with
a title, just a pile of unnumbered paragraphs
following a numbered paragraph?

If we follow this argument, then why don't we just
come up with an XML syntax for RTF?


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