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Subject: Re: [office] Proposal for lists/numbered paragraphs

Originally sent 17 March: got mailing list errors...

> To be able to represent both kinds of numbered paragarphs, single one 
> and paragarphs that form a list, I would like to propose to
> - keep the concept of lists as it is, with the exception that the 
> "text:ordered-list" and "text:unordered-list" elements are replaced by a 
> single "text:list" element.
> - add a new "text:numbered-paragraph" (or "text:num-p", etc.) element. 
> This element has an "text:level" element like headings ("text:h") that 
> specifies which level of a list styles should be the applied to the 
> paragraph. The list style itself is specified as "style:list-style-name" 
>   attribute attached to the paragraph's style element, as this is the 
> case already. The "text:numbered-paragraph" element must not occur 
> within lists, so that there are no conflicts between the level of a 
> numbered paragraph and the level a paragraph gets because it is 
> contained within a list.
> - the "text:list" element should be used if numbered paragraphs that use 
> the same list style follow one after another. "text:numbered-paragraph" 
> should be used for single numbered paragraphs.

I like this proposal.  I also think that it might be nice for us to post a 
sample XSLT for converting from text:list form to text:numbered-paragraph 
form, and vice versa.  Even though best practices will usually tend to 
indicate one or the other, such examples will help imlemetors understand how 
to deal with toolkits hat lean one way or another.

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SAX filters for flexible processing - http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/xml

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