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Subject: Re: [office] Fwd: RE: oodraw

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On Friday 09 May 2003 17:05, Michael Brauer wrote:
> > Now, about the gripes : 
> >  
> > - I think gradients could be made more adaptable. For instance allowing
> > definitions 
> > of stops like in svg using the <stop> tag. Karbon has support for complex
> > gradients with 
> > many stops as well. I have no complaints about chosen gradient types, these
> > seem to be 
> > the most useful and common. 
> Enhancing the specification in a SVG like way seems to be very 
> reasonable, since the OOo Draw developers are not lucky with the current 
> (and limitted) specification, too.
> > - I am not sure whether <layer> tag explictly has attributes to set state
> > to locked/unlocked, 
> > visible/invisible? Karbon format offers this. 
> Both things currently are features of the OOo view settings, rather than 
> of the layers themselves, but adding such attributes for layers seems to 
> be useful as well.
> > - it would be desirable for the format to allow stacking of multiple
> > strokes per shape. 
> > Illustrator can do this and karbon has code in the making for this. 
> What do you mean by 'multiple strokes per shape'?

To clear this up, have a look at the picture in this review : 
 Its the 'M' glyph picture. 
 As you can see, very powerful and nice effects can be created 
using this. IMHO multiple strokes are a bit more sensible than multiple 
fills, but both have their uses... 

> > - not sure if its included, but a way to define clip groups/regions would
> > be desirable as well. 
> It's not included so far, but I do not see any reason why we shouldn't 
> add it.


Should we come up with precise suggestions for the 3 things you agree with, 
or will you take care of it?

(What about my suggested flag for text boxes - my proposal didn't get any feedback,
does that mean it's accepted? :)

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